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Intro to Civil Military Operation (CMO)



              It is very essential in our part that we should be aware about the essence of the revised CMO Program. It plays a vital role I our present society in as much as the insurgency is continuously reducing due to the effectiveness of the triad concept  of the AFP OPLAN “LAMBAT BITAG” wherein the revised CMO Program is one of the salient aspect particularly the “BALIK BARIL” Program as a part of it wherein Office Primary Responsibility (OPR) of this program in the AFP-DND.

             The Revised CMO Program encompasses various factors in our society such as economic, social, political and psycho-social activities being undertaken by the AFP-DND in close coordination with Civil Government Agencies (CGA); non-government organization (NGO); media, and other important sectors in the disasters and calamities. This ranges form the simple to exemplary conduct of the individual soldier, improvement projects/programs that could remove the root cause of insurgency and catalyze socio-economic development of our country.



        A. Broad Objectives:

             1. To enrich the military personnel moral, spiritual and nationalistic positive values and strengthen his commitment to his constitutional role as defender of his country and protector of his people.

              2. To contribute to the natural growth and development while sustaining as wide bade popular support for the government t particularly the AFP.

              3. To help establish the environment conducive to the early return to the folds of the law of the various threat groups.

              4. To develop CMO doctrines, concepts and strategies through continuous research, analysis, surveys and special studies.


        B. Specific Objectives:

            1. Conduct values education activities among military personnel and their dependents

            2. Train military personnel and their dependents essential vocational skills.

            3. Conduct civic action, community relations and public information activities among the civilian populace in the urban and rural areas.

            4. Help broaden the awareness of Filipinos on the nature and dynamics of various threats to national security and also to extend any kind of support to dubious organizations in and out of the country.

            5. Link-up and interface with the civil government t agencies (CGA), tri media group, NGO’s and other sector in the delivery of basic goods and services during disasters/calamities and /or insurgency related operations.

            6. Reach out ,develop, organize and motivate the people in insurgency affected barangays to resist communist insurgency and reject all forms of terrorism and criminality.

            7. Conduct activities that will strengthen and uplift the moral fiber of soldiers to include their dependents, and develop them onto better well-disciplined soldiers.

            8. Conduct research/analysis for the purpose of developing CMO policies, doctrines, techniques and responsive  appeals.



A. Military Values Education (MILVED) – the dynamic process of learning, internalizing, upholding, and practicing universal truth. Moral principle and time honored intrinsic military values and ethics essential to the pursuit of AFP goals and objectives.


         1. To develop. Organize and sustain a corps of trainers from any PA units, and responsible for the implementation of AFP Values Education Program of Instruction (MILVED POI) based on the Philippine Constitution and AFP Code of Ethics.

        2. To undertake regular values education activities to include the publication and distribution of values reading material at all levels of command.


B. Military Livelihood Program (MLP) - is designed to provide necessary assistance to the soldier and his dependents to embark on productive gesture that would enable him to cope with harsh economic realistic while in the active services and during retirement.


         1. To transform the soldier and his dependents into productive members of the organization and to locality through manpower skills development.

        2. To develop the interest of the soldier in the organization of cooperative and active participation of his loan acquisition and/or initiation  of specific livelihood project may be expedite.

        3. To establish and maintain livelihood centers where soldiers and their dependents could go avail of training and technical assistance in planning and implementation of productive activities.


C. Civic Action – the use of the army resources in pre-dominantly non-military projects and activities useful to the people and supportive of combat operation in such fields as socio-economic, health and sanitation, agri-industrial, rescue, relief and rehabilitation, education and the like.


         1. To support the combat operations through the conduct or short term, high impact CIVAC projects jointly with CGAs

         2. To assume implementation of certain civil works projects being undertaken by DPWH and other CGAs concerned and therefore request for assistance, to be implemented with AFP engineers as OPR and funds form the CGAs.


D. Community Relation – a program that needs active participation of the AFP personnel, individual or collectively as an AFP unit, in people oriented community-based activities initiative in such fields, sports; cultural/historical, events/festival, and other community relation activities.

         The difference between COMREL and CIVAC is that the former is to identify the military with the community, not as cost-intensive and more often is undertaken by the military as a result of COMREL, cost-intensive and designed to improve the military’s standing in the locality as well as the spur growth and development efforts.


         1. Top enhance better understanding and prompt closer coordination/cooperation between/among military personnel; CGAs; NGOs and the people.

            2. To bring the AFP closer to the people and develop sensitively in the AFP Personnel for people’s sentiments, problems and aspirations.


E. Public Information Program – is the dissemination of military information through all forms of communication media to include interpersonal, face-to-face communication to the internal audience and more specifically to the public at large with the view of information about peace, security and development efforts.


            1. To disseminate information through all forms of communication media such as print and broadcast (radio/TV) interpersonal, face-to-face communication that will broader the public understanding of the AFP and to generate public support for the AFP in particular understanding of the various threats to national security, its objectives, and technique to  grab political powers.


F. Psychology Operations – is a myriad of activities undertaken by the military addressed principally to the enemy directly or through key communicators, designed to break their will to fight and persuade them to abandon the resident struggle and return to the folds of the law. Actions and appeals in this program, are generally persuasive in character with the “BALIK BARIL projects as backbone.


            1.To disseminate, print and broadcast, propaganda materials exploiting certain psychological issues and situations designed to break, the enemy’s will to life.

            2. to conduct community organizing network  indices